My name is Frank Aliberti and I am a 3D artist focused in character art. I have a holistic interest in every area of digital arts. Proficient in most areas of game art and real-time simulations I am passionate about character development, digital sculpting and anatomy. With a strong traditional art background and advance studies in digital art I can develop a character from concept to completion.



  • Digital Sculpting
  • Anatomy
  • Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
  • Game Ready Topology and UVs
  • Stylized and Photorealistic Texturing
  • 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry
  • Character Design
  • Figure Drawing and Traditional Sculpting
  • Zbrush / Mudbox
  • Maya / 3DS Max / 3D Coat
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Unity / Ignite
  • Photoshop
  • Topogun
  • Physically Based Rendering
  • Keyshot, Mental Ray and other rendering software.

Professional Experience:

  • Freelance (2014 to present)
    • Position - Character Artist
    • Project - Video game studios, toy studios, ad agencies and simulation comapanies
    • Duties - Mostly generating 3D assets for real-time simulations or pre-rendered scenes. Created a multitude of character and 3D assets for a variety of projects, and in some instances managed other 3D artists to finish more demanding jobs.
    • Creative Veterans Productions (2016 to 2017)
      • Position - Character Artist
      • Project - Medical and military simulation
      • Duties - Responsible for all character art production and management for a variety of training simulations. Managed outsourcing and freelance documentation, reviews and feedback.
    • EA Tiburon (2015 to 2016)
      • Position - Character Artist
      • Project - NBA Live 16 and Upcoming NBA Live game
      • Duties - Worked with scan data, topology, textures and importing and testing characters in the Ignite engine. Delt with outsourcing documentation and reviews, as well as feedback when needed. Worked in the R&D team and helped create the new body topology, as well as skin textures, and the appropriate documentation updates for outsourcing.
    • Giant Enemy Crab Games (2014 to 2015)
      • Position - Character Artist
      • Project - Due Process
      • Duties - Concepting, modeling and texturing of characters. Helped solidify the overall character art direction and document the development of the main characters. Currently still envolved with the project working as an outside consultant for all character art work and overall 3D art production.
    Amateur Experience:
    • Team Paragon
      • Position: 3D Artist
      • Project: Arc Student Game (2013 to 2014)
      • Duties: Created 3D environment and prop art for the game. Helped shape the overall 3D art direction and pipeline, assisted with artist recruiting and task/asset management.
    • Team DayBreak (2012)
      • Position: 3D Artist
      • Project: DayBreak
      • Duties: Created 3D environement and character art. Helped shape the overall art direction and 3D pipeline.
    • Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts at DigiPen Institute of Technology (2014)
    • Bachelor of Business Administration at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (2009)

    Continued Professional Development:
    • Mastering Organic Modeling, Gio Nakpil
      • 10 Week Workshop, Online (Oct. to Dec. 2015)
    • Stylized Character Creation for Animation, Mike Defeo
      • 10 Week Workshop, Online (Sep. to Nov. 2015)
    • Digital Figure Sculpture, Scott Eaton
      • 9 Week Workshop, Online (Sep. to Nov. 2014)
    • Creature Sculpting, Jordu Schell
      • 1 Week Workshop, Onsite (Nov. 2014)