Professional Work


On February 2015 I started working at EA Tiburon on their newest addition to the NBA Live franchise. I stayed with the studio for one year and worked on two titles. Bellow are a few trailers released prior to the launch of NBA Live 16:

And here are a few more examples of my work:

At the end of my cycle at EA I worked with the R&D team for the next unannounced installment of the NBA Live franchise. Under NDA I cannot show any work I did during that time until the game is officially out. I am allowed to show samples upon request. Thank you.


As of August 2014 I've been working as a character artist at Giant Enemy Crab creating low poly characters for the upcoming strategy shooter Due Process. I've also helped with environment and prop art during the development process. My latest work was creating armor and facial customization for both factions in the game.

Currently I am working as a consultant for the team for any character art related work.

Here's a sample of our vertical slice: